Mediwell Virtual Consultation (eVisit)

Mediwell eVisit is acting swiftly to help its valuable patients and citizens of South Africa during this Corona lockdown to remotely screen with our app because we need to avoid face to face screening. Therefore we are working on a digital telemedicine solution to assist everyone to flatten the curve. Our Coronassist app will be on USSD (R2) and Whatsapp (R40) at your finger tips. This will help us to attend to high-risk cases and we will share helpful precautionary demographic information in real-time. Therefore we would like to know if this is a solution that you would be happy to use.

Worried about COVID19 symptoms?

Get screened and monitored today by our trusted team of doctors and never leave your home. Stay at home but let us serve you from there.

Welcome to CoronAssist App

Personal COVID-19 Screening and Monitoring service from the comfort of your home. This is a paid for service, which can be used anywhere at anytime by anyone.

If you are interested in getting screened and monitored for COVID-19 to help protect yourself and those around you, click options below. Based on your screening results, the service may recommend that you consider remote monitoring by one of our healthcare professionals.

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