IV Drip Bar in Fourways, Dainfern

Have you felt a bit sluggish and fatigued lately? Do you have flu symptoms or overexerted yourself over months of hard training? You have probably tried energy drinks and rest, but feel that you need that extra push.

Overexerting yourself during daily life and training can have an adverse effect on your general health. There’s some help out there far you called the IV Drip Bar therapy at Mediwell Medical Centre.

There are many benefits of the IV Drip Bar therapy depending on the dose which you can discuss with your medical doctor.

Some of the benefits include:

    • Hydration: Drip Bar therapy injects the water and electrolytes directly into the blood so that it is more evenly distributed.
    • The IV Drip Bar can also include iron and other minerals and vitamins which helps keep the body functioning optimally with immune boosting and fatigue alleviating properties.
    • Alleviate migraines
    • Aclasta is an infusion of zelodronic acid which helps inhibit the release of calcium from the bones.
    • Glutathione is a naturally occurring substance derived from three antioxidants; cysteine, glutamate and glycine.

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