Fourways Medical Rooms

Our Fourways Medical Rooms offers a wide range of services under one roof.

Mediwell’s Fourways medical rooms brings you a full-range of medical services that cater to any and all health issues you may have. Our medical and dental centre is fully equipped with different disciplines to cater for a wide range of ailments and is designed to provide quality health care. Not getting proper healthcare will never be an issue with us, our medical doctors and other health professionals are always on hand to treat you and offer great consultations and medical advice. Being experts in our field, we are greatly invested in the holistic side of medicine and this has helped us deliver the best treatment, and care for our patients over the years. We are constantly working to improve our scope through the use of cutting edge technology and great partnerships that increases our boundaries. We focus on promoting health and wellness and this is our guarantee.

Our Fourways Medical Rooms are open 7 days a week till late

We are fully equipped and staffed to handle a wide range of medical cases and provide both urgent and routine medical care. Our Fourways medical rooms services include family health care and full medical checks; these specialised services are targeted at providing general medical health are, travel medicine, sexual health services (including confidential HIV testing) and more. Our medical checks involve complete screening and medical check-ups that allows for detection and treatment of all underlying health cases and chronic ailments. By taking these preventative measures you are taking steps that help your chances for a longer, healthier life.

We are part of the Discovery GP Network and are contracted in with selected medical aids. We believe that health assessments are necessary to maintain a high standard of health. In our commitment to deliver the best medical and dental health care, our Fourways medical rooms offers management treatments to chronic conditions and acute illnesses. We are equipped to handle long-term health issues; from Cancer, Diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions, cardiovascular diseases and lots more. We are more than just a health care centre; we are a family that cares about you.

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Our opening times differ per department. To see a breakdown of the opening times please see here;


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Fourways Medical Rooms

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Save yourself time by having all your medical practitioners under one roof at our Fourways medical rooms, Mediwell. Having the same file accessible to all your doctors/medical professionals means a complete, holistic view to any ailments you may have. Getting quality health care should never be neglected; the state of your health is a big determining factor that greatly influences your overall quality of life. At Mediwell Medical and Dental Centre we understand this and as such, we have created a health care centre that covers all medical fields. With your GP, dentist, physiotherapist, and dietician (and more!) in the same place – there’s no need to go anywhere else! Contact us to book an appointment and receive quality healthcare today.